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Probate Fees to increase to £20k on large estates

Probate Court Fees Increase 19.02.2016

The Law Gazette has covered an announcement that probate fees are going to increase dramatically particularly for those with estates worth more than £2m where the court fees will rise to £20k.

The increases are to fund court and tribunal costs.

The Ministry of Justice also states that the lower value estates up to £50k will not have to pay court fees. In the past estates over the value of £5k incurred these costs.

Law Gazette – Court Fees Increase

Wills, Probate & Trusts

Whatever the value of your estate it is always advisable to see a qualified solicitor to discuss and agree what you want to leave behind for you loved ones or a favourite charity. What may seem like a straightforward division of property can often end up causing all sorts of disputes after you are gone.

The clearer your intentions are the easier it is for the executor and for the beneficiaries. Explaining your wishes to your family or beneficiaries can also help to avoid arguments later, although there is never a guarantee.

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