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Government to increase Divorce Fees

BBC News is covering the proposed increase in Divorce Fees.

‘The Ministry of Justice estimates that the average cost of dealing with an uncontested divorce application is £270. The current court fee is £410. Under a draft order approved by the House of Lords on Tuesday and by the Commons in January, it will go up to £550, an increase of around 35%. The increase takes effect on Monday. It is little consolation to say that the coalition government had been planning to raise it to £750.’

‘Will this discourage married couples from divorcing? We simply do not know. The Ministry of Justice thinks not, but family judges regard the government’s research as “unsafe”. The judges were also worried that an increased fee that acted as “a disincentive to couples seeking a timely dissolution of their failed marriage also acts to expose a significant cohort of vulnerable children to emotional and, potentially, physical harm”.’

For more information go to BBC News: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/mar/18/michael-gove-orwellian-world-justice-divorcing-couples

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