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Divorce news – Tycoon’s payout a decade after divorce

Millionaire tycoon’s ex-wife awarded six figure payout even though he made his fortune a decade after they split


Divorce news – Content & photo from the Telegraph – see link to the article below.

The ex-wife of a green energy tycoon has been awarded a”modest” divorce payment of £300,000, despite her former husband starting his business a decade after they split up.

Kathleen Wyatt had earlier demanded a £1.9 million payout from Dale Vince, a former New Age traveller, although she did not lodge a maintenance claim until more than 25 years after they had separated, and nearly 20 years after their divorce.

She was awarded the lump sum in final settlement of their divorce cash battle, but how much she will actually receive remains uncertain, because of outstanding legal bills which have yet to be fully quantified.

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