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Lee Kirby – CILEx Level 6 – Graduation

Congratulations from everyone at WTW to Lee Kirby who has completed his CILEx Level 6 (Honours Degree standard) qualification:


“Around 6 months into starting Level 2, my daughter, Isabella was born. I studied a few hours each day (dinners and evenings with a few late nights…) so that I could balance work and family time. When starting my final year, my son, Blake was born. As the level of work at this stage was of a higher standard, I had to try free up more time to complete my work.

I must thank Nicole for her understanding and patience during this time.

I feel like I have achieved a great deal over the last 5-6 years and gained valuable knowledge both through CILEx study and carrying out legal work at WTW. Due to my previous experience, I only have to complete 12 months as a Graduate Member of CILEx and then I can apply to become a Fellow. I can do this at the end of March 2017. Once accepted, I can then say I am officially ‘qualified’.

I will also be a ‘Commissioner for Oaths’ and can swear for example Oaths, Affidavits and Statutory Declarations.”

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