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Divorces – the real impact

There are always divorces in the headlines. The celebrities and the mega rich airing there private lives in the press. Each day we seem to see a media led battle over their financial fortunes and personal misfortunes.


In the real world

What about the rest of us just fighting to keep our sanity and trying to save our relationship or keep the family together. What if, despite our best efforts, we can’t keep things together? We really need to speak to someone who will:

  • take the time to consider the issues
  • provide an easy to understand assessment of the legal situation
  • avoid blinding you with ‘legaleze’ and jargon.

mark hagyard

Mark Hagyard

Mark Hagyard is an experienced and driven lawyer. After his military service in the Marines, seeing active duty and being seriously injured in the Falklands conflict, Mark retrained as a solicitor.

He loves the challenge of his work and can provide guidance and legal support to those facing the emotional roller-coaster of a relationship breakdown.

Family Law

With his corporate experience he is also able to deal with cases that have a business element. In these circumstances a separation or divorce can have serious implications for the financial stability of the firm.

Business & Divorce

How much will it cost?

We promise to be up front about our costs and we will also discuss what payment methods are available. We understand that the costs for legal services can be a real worry for clients so click on Legal Fees to find out more.

Contact us now on Free phone: 0800 0272 005 or 01535 662644 for a free initial enquiry or to arrange a convenient first appointment.

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