Marines Reunion – Solicitor/Managing Director

Marines Reunion – 12 October 2018

On 24 September 1979 I joined the Royal Marines three days short of my 17th birthday.

My junior marine intake number was 257 Troop.

Of the originals who joined on the first day(over 60) less than 20 made it through training. During the course of the reunion there was some debate as to exactly who was and who was not an original as some joined us after periods of injury and rehabilitation. The actual figure is therefore open to debate.

One of the original members stayed in the Royal Marines for about 25 years and both of his sons followed him into the service. One of them was promoted to the rank of corporal and sent to the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM) to be part of a recruit training team. By a bizarre coincidence the recruit troop he was allocated to was 257 troop. Our old Troop number had taken 39 years to reappear.

This gave rise to the idea that it would be nice to have our reunion on the same weekend as the new 257 troop finished their training.

The Marines Reunion

Following invites being dispatched 16 of the original troop attended together with three of the original training team.

We were also invited to watch the young Marines being presented with their Green Berets and a parade in the drill shed (it was pouring down outside) led by the Royal Marines band.

Once the formalities were over there was a photo shoot with the before and afters and a libation in the Sergeants mess!

It was a fabulous day especially as I hadn’t seen some of the chaps since we finished training in 1980.