UPDATE: Probate Fees are increasing on 26.01.2022

Probate fee change

The fee for grant for probate applications received on or after the 26th January 2022 is changing.

The current dual fee structure is being replaced by a single fee of £273 for all applicants, where the value of the estate exceeds £5,000. 

The fee for copies of the grant is not changing.


MyHMCTS and GOV.UK will be updated to reflect the new fee and all applications submitted on 26 January will be charged the new fee of £273.

Paper applications received by the 26 January will be charged the current fee of £155 for professionals and £215 for personal applicants.  The Probate Service will have the discretion to apply the old fee if applications have been submitted before the 26th January, but the delivery of the application is delayed and can be evidenced.