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Legal Fees

Legal Fees – At Waddington Turner Wall Solicitors we completely understand that one of the most worrying things about seeking advice from lawyer is the cost or the legal fees.

Some of these concerns relate to:

  • hourly rates,
  • hidden costs,
  • fees getting out of control and
  • large unexplained invoices.

With this in mind we offer the following promise.

Our Promise

  • For certain types of legal work we offer fixed fees so that you know how much the total work will cost you.
  • For Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence cases we offer our legal services on a no win-no fee basis.
  • If the claim is covered by legal indemnity insurance then we will explain clearly how this works and how the costs will be covered.
  • If we are charging an hourly rate we will provide a clear cost estimate at the beginning of the case.
  • We will stick to that cost estimate unless there are unforeseen developments or additional work or expenditure.
    • If that is the case then we will contact you in good time to amend the cost estimate and discuss why the additional spend is required.
    • At this point, you can decide whether or not you wish to proceed.
    • No additional costs will be incurred without approval.
  • Regular updates on what work that we are doing and how much it is costing will be provided.
  • We will discuss and agree the regularity of invoices.
  • Even if the overall case is based on an hourly rate there may still be elements of the costs that are based on fixed fees e.g.
    • some types of court hearings,
    • conferences,
    • standard letters and
    • telephone calls

which means that the overall costs are kept down.

  • Legal fee payments can be tailored so that you can choose to pay in advance, monthly or at other intervals that are agreeable to you and us.


Property and Conveyancing Fees

01.12.2018 In keeping with the new Transparency Rules we are happy to provide further information concerning the costs of any residential property and conveyancing transactions. Details are provided on:

WTW Solicitors also provide guides explaining the legal process of:

For any commercial property transactions please call our Property Team on 01535 662644.

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