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neighbour disputes

Neighbour Disputes & Resolution

‘Love thy neighbour’ – sometimes that’s easier said than done!

WTW Director and litigation specialist, Michael Bower, has handled a large number of neighbour disputes from land and boundary issues to access and planning. His main goal is to find an amicable solution and only uses court action as a last resort.

He understands that we all value our homes and the environment we live in and when things go wrong the incredible amount of stress it can place on us and our families.

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Common Causes of Neighbour Disputes:

1. Boundaries, Fences and Walls
2. Trees & Hedges
3. Noise
4. Parking & Access.
5. Abusive behaviour

We would always recommend that you:

1. Try to talk to you neighbour but if you can’t, then write a letter outlining your concerns.
2. If the neighbour is a tenant try to contact their landlord.
3. Contact the appropriate Local Authority Department – Planning, Environmental Health.
4. Call the Police in situations where a criminal offence, assault, breach of the peace or harassment has taken place.
5. Contact a Solicitor – for legal advice & guidance, letter/s and/or court action.