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Clinical Negligence and Medical Negligence

Clinical Negligence Issues

Clinical Negligence or Medical Negligence are the phrases used to describe cases where a reasonable standard of care is not received from medical professionals.

We all know that it is rare for medical professionals to make mistakes that lead to loss of life or injury. In the UK, we are all lucky to have access to care through the National Health Service (NHS) or we can choose to pay privately.

Whatever route we take the medical professionals owe us a ‘duty of care’. In its simplest terms, this means providing an acceptable level of care and protecting us from harm.

Lisa Wood specialises in dealing with the legal issues when things go wrong. She offers no nonsense advice and deals with things in a down to earth way.

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Some examples of clinical negligence are:

  • That there is a delay in the diagnosis of a condition e.g. cancer resulting in a reduced chance of recovery.
  • That you receive inappropriate or incorrect surgery or treatment.
  • That you have an adverse reaction to an anaesthetic or drug.
  • That you have been fitted with a medical device e.g. pacemaker or product and the implant fails.
  • That the risks of your treatment or procedure were not fully explained to you.

All N.H.S. and private hospitals have their own complaints procedures and if you feel you have not received a reasonable standard of care then:

  • If you feel able to, speak to your doctor or consultant and ask for an explanation of what has happened to you and why.
  • Request a copy of the complaints procedure or access a copy of it via their website.
  • It may be useful to speak to the Patients Advisory Liaison Service (P.A.L.S.) who will be able to offer someone to help you with any concerns you have. (www.pals.nhs.uk).
  • You might also find support through individual charities or associations for specific issues or conditions.

As a specialist solicitors Lisa will be able to offer you guidance in resolving your complaint and obtaining further treatment or care.

Lisa Wood is an expert in this field and a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL). She offers a direct contact number, as well as out of office appointments.

If you have been affected by Clinical Negligence or Medical Negligence, call Lisa Wood now on: 01535 687083 or email: [email protected].