Any relationship breakdown is an emotional rollercoaster. Ending a marriage or getting a divorce is no exception. It is when you need an experienced solicitor and their team to guide you through the legal process.

Our Family Law team can help you to understand the:

  • legal process
  • time the divorce may take
  • costs involved.

Speaking to us from the outset means that we can help to:

  • reduce the impact on your family
  • minimise any conflicts
  • manage a spouse who is unreasonable or abusive
  • protect your financial position
  • set up an appropriate fee payment plan (see below)

Legal Terms: 

  • Divorce: The legal process to end the marriage contract.
  • The Petitioner: The person who starts the divorce proceedings.
  • The Respondent: The petitioner’s spouse i.e. the person responding to the divorce petition.

Family Law Protocol - Acting in your best interest

The Family Law Protocol is a commitment to resolve a dispute in a non-confrontational and constructive way. The aim is to preserve the dignity of all those involved in a dispute and to encourage agreements.

Family Law Team

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Emma Leedham


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Erika Williman

Erika Williman

Head of Family Law/Solicitor

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