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Cycling Accident & Cyclist Injury Claim

The facts:

  • An incredible 3.2 billion miles are cycled on our roads every year.
  • Riding a bike is safe –however, 3,337 cyclist were killed or seriously injured on our roads in 2015.
  • Most cycling accidents happen in urban areas.
  • Almost two thirds of cyclists killed or seriously injured were involved in collisions at, or near a road junction, with T-Junctions being the most commonly used. 

We specialise in:

  • Brain and Head injuries
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Amputations
  • Fatal Accident Claims
  • Diesel Spill Accidents
  • Hit & Run Accidents

If you have suffered an injury as a result of an cycling then please call us on 01535 662644.

This means that you do not pay any of their legal fees whether they win the case or not.

The expertise and advice we offer you can:

  • simplify and shorten the legal process
  • provide you with a realistic assessment of your situation
  • potentially avoid the need for formal court proceedings
  • provide you with the comfort of knowing that all the legal issues will be managed professionally.

Personal Injury Companies on TV & online

We all know companies who claim to be Personal Injury and Accident Claims specialists on the TV and online. For all their advertising they often deliver a remote and impersonal service.

The person you end up dealing with is a call centre operative not an experienced litigator. At WTW we provide a totally different experience.

The personal touch

Rather than placing your case in the hands of a large and remote conglomerate with a case manager you’ll never meet or be able to get hold of, why not speak to our personal injury team.

We really understands the stress and upset that any personal injury or accident can cause.

To help make things a little easier:

  • A FREE initial consultation
  • Home, hospital & rehabilitation centre visits
  • Out of hours appointments
  • Off street parking
  • Disabled parking and facilities

Who will I be dealing with?

Lisa WoodRebecca Garrity Family Law
Personal Injury
Lisa Wood                 Rebecca Garrity
Personal Injury
Learn More         Learn More
Personal Injury

How much will it cost?

All of our Personal Injury cases are run on a No Win No Fee basis. This means that you do not pay any legal fees.

Lisa will explain in full how this works at your FREE initial enquiry.

If you need to speak to our team call 01535 662644.

They can’t promise to answer your call immediately but they will always try to call you back within 12 hours.

Free Initial Enquiry

Our team would be delighted to explain how they can help deal with the personal injury issues you are facing. For your free, initial enquiry, please: