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Equestrian Air Vests

Inflatable equestrian air vests and jackets were launched in 2008/2009 having been developed from motorcycle vests which inflate to protect riders from the impact of a fall.

These vests revolutionised horse riding safety. They are designed to inflate when a rider is thrown from the saddle in order to minimise injuries that can be caused by a fall.

Over the last few years there have been occasions where the vests have inflated unexpectedly or not inflated at all. This has resulted in riders suffering more severe injuries than would have been anticipated had the air vest worked as advertised.

Personal Injury Specialist

Lisa Wood, our Personal Injury specialist, has handled a number of personal injury cases where this has happened. If you have been injured in this manner or in similar circumstances then please do not hesitate to contact Lisa on 01535 687083.

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