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Property Sale – Law Society – Property Information Forms – TA6 & TA10

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The Law Society has published some explanatory notes that will help both property sellers and buyers to understand what their property information forms are for. This includes how to complete them and understand them.

TA6 – Law Society Property Information Form

If you are selling a property then you need to provide accurate and honest information when completing this form. This will include:

  1. Boundaries – which boundaries have you been responsible for
  2. Disputes & Complaints – any previous or current disputes or issues
  3. Notices & Proposals – any works due to be carried out by a neighbour, local council or business that could impact the property
  4. Alterations, Planning and Building Control – any alterations or additions to the property
  5. Guarantees & Warranties – copies of any applicable guarantees should be provided (originals provided upon completion)
  6. Council Tax – details of the council tax band
  7. Environmental Issues – details of flooding & radon gas for example
  8. Formal & Informal Arrangements – informal rights of way or access, maintenance agreements or parking
  9. Other Charges – e.g. freehold rent or maintenance charges
  10. Occupiers – other adult occupants or tenants
  11. Transaction Information – when would you hope to complete the sale (non binding)
  12. Services – testing of electrics & central heating system and energy suppliers
  13. Connection to Utilities & Services – whether the property has mains supplies or private
  14. Signature of Seller/Sellers & Date – this should be current so if your property has been on the market for some time you may be asked to provide an updated version.

If you are unsure about what information to provide or have a general query about completing the form then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Further information and explanatory notes can be found on the Law Society website:



TA10 – Law Society Fittings & Content Form

This form is to try to make clear which items are included in the sale. If an item is for sale a price should be inserted and negotiated directly with the buyer. If we are instructed to negotiate the sale of any items an additional cost may be incurred.

  1. Basic Fittings – e.g. boiler, doorbell, alarm
  2. Kitchen – e.g. hob, cooker, washing machine
  3. Bathroom – e.g. towel rail, mirror, cabinet
  4. Carpets – covers all flooring
  5. Curtains & Curtain Rails – includes blinds
  6. Light Fittings – instructions provided if a light fitting is to be removed
  7. Fitted Units – e.g. fitted wardrobes
  8. Outdoor Area – e.g. garden furniture, water butt, clothes line
  9. Television & Telephone – e.g. aerial, satellite dish
  10. Stock of Fuel – e.g. LPG, Oil, Wood
  11. Other Items – any other items not covered on the form
  12. Signature & Date – this should be current so if your property has been on the market for some time you may be asked to provide an updated version.

Where additional sums have been agreed please let us know so that the amount can be added to the contract to ensure it is paid on the completion date.

Please note that the Fittings and Contents Form will form part of the contract and is legally binding so if you need to make any changes to the information provided, please let us know as soon as possible, prior to exchange of contracts, so that we can inform the buyer’s solicitors.

TA6 & TA10 Property Information Forms -Specimens

Specimens of the TA6 & TA10 forms can be found on the Law Society website:


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