Dooring – British Cycling launches awareness campaign

Dooring is a traffic collision in which a cyclist is struck by a vehicle door. The width of the door can vary depending on the model of car or vehicle.

‘The danger posed by car drivers and their passengers opening vehicle doors into the path of cyclists on Britain’s road needs to be addressed’ says cycling group Cycling UK.

Cycling UK – Reaction to dooring

In a response to the number of incidents the group has written a letter to the transport minister, Jesse Norman MP. They are arguing that there is need for greater awareness of the dangers of ‘car-dooring’. They are also calling for measures to prevent it happening.

Cycling UK says that figures provided to them by the Department for Transport show that between 2011 and 2015:

  • 2009 cyclists were injured (five fatally)

in dooring incidents that were reported to the police. The figures may not truly represent the number of incidents, as not all of them are reported.

The Dutch Reach is considered to be a potential solution to this problem. In the UK this would mean opening the drivers door with your left hand rather than your right.


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