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Skipton Horse Trials – Sponsorship – 23-24.06.2018

Well it’s that time of year again and WTW solicitors are always proud to support and sponsor this local event. Oone of our directors, Michael Bower, has been a volunteer and an organiser from when the horse trials started over 25 years ago, he retired a couple of years ago, but his brother, Robin, continues the good work.

Skipton Horse Trials logo

Skipton Horse Trials

Affiliated to British Eventing the horse trials take place twice a year in June and August. Situated on the outskirts of Skipton, on the Lancashire/Yorkshire border, the event is one of the largest of it’s kind with over 500 competitors taking part over the weekend. There are three phases to an event or horse trials all requiring different skills from horse & rider:

  • Dressage
  • Showjumping
  • Cross country

Visitors will find a variety of trade stands including a food area, all making it a great venue for a day out. Some of our team will be attending and as the weather forecast is great we are sure they will have an enjoyable day out.

Skipton Horse Trials horse photo

You can find out more about the event and by visiting the website:


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Wills drafted by British banks – 1.5 million families face losing billions

The press have released startling figures concerning wills that have been drafted by the banks in the UK.

Wills – high percentage charges incurred

The small print gave the banks the right to appoint themselves as executor.  This means that they could claim up to 2.5 per cent from an estate in relation to legal fees. The inheritors of £500,000 of wealth risk paying out £12,500. This is around six times the typical cost of £2,200 charged by a solicitor or lawyer.


Wills – the costs of drafting a will

The banks taken advantage of individuals, drawn in by initial drafting charges of around £75. They have not explained the impact of their percentage fees on administering the estate and in all likelihood not provided the best options or advice.

The basic costs for a will drafted by WTW Solicitors are as follows:

  • a single standard will (all to spouse, then to children) is £150 plus VAT.
  • a joint standard will (all to spouse, then to children) is £200 plus VAT.
  • Tax planning and/or more complicated wills start at £200 plus VAT.

Solicitors for the Elderly Logo

As a firm of solicitors, of course we would prefer that people use our services. Our Wills, Probate & Elderly Care team are very experienced in what they do, and the levels of service they provide. They have a duty of care to provide the best information on how to protect your assets and to ensure that your wishes are acted upon.

Contact us now on Freephone 0800 0272 005 or 01535 662644 for a free initial consultation or a convenient appointment.

Wills, Probate & Elderly Care

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Keighley & Airedale Business Awards 2018 – WTW Solicitors Shortlisted

We are very pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted for the Financial/Legal Business of the Year of the Keighley & Airedale Business Awards for 2018.

Keighley & Airedale Business Awards 2018

We completed the renovation of our new building last year. The task was not without its challenges. The business moved in December 2017 with works still happening around us. The shortlisting is a great way to show the whole team how much we appreciate their hard work.

Home pride

Keighley has always been our home. The businesses of Waddingtons and Turner & Wall Solicitors were established nearly a century ago. After a successful merger in 2014 we knew we had to look for larger premises to accomodate further growth. Luckily buildings lower down on Devonshire Street became available and we are all settling in although more works is still required. The joys of dealing with certain contractors!

Next steps

The Keighley & Airedale Business Awards take place on the 29 June so we are hoping to take a table for some of the team and enjoy a pleasant evening with other local businesses.

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Bank Holiday Monday – 7th May 2018

Please note that we will be closed on the 7th May 2018. Our opening hours will return to normal on Tuesday 8th May.

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend.

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Litigation needs a bit of common sense

When disputes arise it is easy for ‘a matter of principle’ to become the driving force for employing a litigation solicitor. This is where certain principles can become very expensive and it may seem in hindsight that the only person to really benefit, to quote Richard Attenborough’s character in Jurassic Park, is the ‘blood sucking lawyer’.

Jurassic Park image - Richard Attenborrough - Blood sucking lawyer - litigation

Why choose WTW Solicitors?

That is why at WTW Solicitors in Keighley, West Yorkshire our Litigation team will always be upfront about the costs of pursuing a claim and the chances of success. This enables you to make an informed decision about whether you want your ‘day in court’, whether the matter is better to be resolved through mediation (also known as ADR – Alternate Dispute Resolution) or not acted upon at all.

Our firm deals with a variety of disputes:

If you require straightforward, down to earth advice then please call us on 01535 662644 for a FREE initial enquiry.

Our Litigation team consists of:

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Tumble Dryer – Faults and Issues – Whirlpool

Don’t risk it…check it!

Which are continuing to highlight the issues concerned with the potential fire risks posed by a large number of tumble dryers manufactured by Whirlpool which includes the brands:

  • Hotpoint
  • Indesit
  • Creda
  • Swan
  • Proline


Which - Tumble Dryer Best Buys vs Don't Buys

Which have launched a campaign to ask the Government to tighten the legislation relating to household appliances.


tumble dryer

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New signage going up!

At last the new signage is going up all round our new building: 6 – 12 Devonshire Street, Keighley, West Yorkshire.

We are really proud to be investing locally and turning what had become a very neglected property back into something we can be proud of.

WTW Solicitors - gable end sign WTW Solicitors - signage building 10-12 WTW Solicitors - Arched Window Sign v2 WTW Solicitors - sign on building 6-8


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Power of Attorneys – Government refunds registration fees

The Government has charged too much for the registration of Powers of Attorney in England & Wales.

You can get part of your application fee back if you applied to register a power of attorney from 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2017.

This applies to lasting powers of attorney (LPA) and enduring powers of attorney (EPA).

You must claim your refund by 31 January 2021.


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Signage fitting – scheduled for the 20-21 March – hurrah!

WTW Signage
Hurrah! At long last the new signage is ready to be fitted.
Please note that these works will be happening on Tuesday and Wednesday next week (20-21 March).
We apologise in advance for any disruption caused whilst these works are carried out.
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Compensation Explained – Personal Injury Claims – APIL

Insurance companies are asserting that in England and Wales we have a compensation culture. What does that mean and is it true?

What is a compensation culture?

The phrase ‘compensation culture’ is often used in today’s society. It is seen by some people as a sad indictment on UK society.

Compensation culture

This can be defined as a state whereby people assume that they are automatically entitled to claim for anything. People claim for compensation for an injury in which no-one was to blame and where common sense should have prevailed.

Some people view personal injury compensation as money which is just waiting to be claimed. Unfortunately, television advertisements have helped to encourage these attitudes. Claims management companies have also added to this by targeting anyone and everyone through cold calling.

Personal responsibility

Most reasonable people would argue that we have a personal responsibility for our actions. This means drawing a line between cases where an injury has occurred due to negligence and those which are an accident or due to carelessness.

At WTW Solicitors we do not run false claims, absurd claims and those which could have been prevented by using a bit of common sense.

The debate continues on whether a compensation culture actually exists or is something which has been blown out of all proportion.

Real claims deserve compensation

The fact remains that many people are injured every year as a result of an accident that was not their fault. This can cause stress and upset for both the victims and their families.

If this applies to you then you have a right to pursue a claim for compensation. Our experience is that many people who make a claim don’t do it just for the money but the chance of rebuilding their lives.

APIL (the Association for Personal Injury Lawyers) campaigns to protect the right of victims to claim compensation. It aims to dispel some of the myths that have grown up around personal injury claims.

From their website:

“Even people asked to look at it by the Government have concluded that it is a problem of perception – in other words a myth. Lord Young, in his report on health and safety said. “The problem of the compensation culture prevalent in society today is …… one of perception rather than reality.” While Professor Lofsted, who was also asked to review health and safety by the government said “The „compensation culture‟ (or the perception of it) in the UK has been the subject of several reviews over the last few years,, but no evidence has been presented for its existence”.


APIL Compensation Booklet

An example of how the insurers see the problem and how they think the system should be changed.


Contact us

Our experienced and friendly personal injury team are here to help. Call 01535 662644 for a FREE initial chat.

All claims are run on a NO WIN NO FEE basis (see our personal injury page for more information).


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