Family Law Fees

Family Law Fees

We are well aware that getting divorced can be an expensive process. That is why we will always be upfront about the costs involved e.g. court fees and the options available to you.

A range of flexible payment options is available for all of our private paying clients.

Please note: The more amicable things can remain between you and your spouse during this process the better. Higher levels of legal costs are more likely to be incurred where couples cannot agree on a financial settlement or childcare arrangements.

Fee options:

  • Unbundled services mean that you can pick and choose what you want us to do for you. It is flexible and offers you a cost-effective way of paying for legal services. This might include:

    • Representation at Court;
    • Referral to mediation;
    • Negotiation;
    • Drafting legal documents;
    • Checking documents drafted by a third party;
    • Advice on settlement.

We may where appropriate help you on a fixed work or fixed fee basis.

  • A Fixed Fee is a payment for a defined fixed piece of work, typically this would be appropriate for a straight forward divorce i.e. undefended divorce proceedings.  We will always set out clearly what work is included within the fee.

  • Pay as You Go services follow the Law Society's practice note and you would only see or speak to us if you felt our advice was required. You would represent yourself i.e.act in person and retain control of your case.

  • Flexible Pay as You Go services enable you to retain control and decide when it is appropriate to seek our advice.

Our Family Law team will be more than happy to discuss these options with you.

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