Identification & Evidence of Residence

Identification (ID) & Evidence of Residence

In common with most banks and professional advisers we are required by law to conduct identification checks on clients even where they are known personally to us or have had dealings with us in the past. In order to satisfy those requirements, please provide one item (preferably photo id) from Section A and two from Section B.

At times, we have had to find alternative ways to see ID and Evidence of Residence e.g Facetime, Skype, photos of documentation and online verification. Please be aware that we still have Anti-Money Laundering obligations to meet even though we may not be able to meet face to face.

Section A (Evidence of Name) x 1


  • Current Passport
  • Current UK or EEA Photocard Driving Licence


  • Original Birth Certificate
  • EEA Member ID Card
  • Full Old-Style Driving Licence
  • Photographic CIS4 (Construction Industry) Card
  • Benefit Book or original Entitlement Letter from Benefits Agency
  • Firearms or Shotgun Certificate

Section B (Evidence of Address/Residence) x 2

  • Utility Bill (Gas, Water, Electricity etc) issued in the last three months
  • LA Council Tax Bill for the current year
  • Current UK Driving Licence (if not used for evidence of name)
  • Bank or Building Society letter/statement issued in last three months
  • Mortgage Statement
  • Benefit Book or original Entitlement Letter from Benefits Agency (if not used as evidence of name)
  • HMRC Self-assessment letter or tax demand within current financial year
  • Electoral Register Entry

What if I don't have any of the items you need?

If you only have secondary items for evidencing your name or you are unable to provide sufficient documentation then we can evidence your ID via InfoTrack at a cost of £7.20 (inc VAT).

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