Neighbour Disputes – when you just can’t ‘love thy neighbour’

Neighbour disputes can happen for all sorts of reasons. Some may seem trivial and unnecessary. To the individual concerned they can seem like the end of world. Often this is  because our homes are our pride and joy. They are a sanctuary where we can escape the trials and tribulation of the outside world.

If possible try to avoid disputes early on as per this 2016 article from the Daily Mail:

Neighbour Disputes

Types of neighbour disputes:

  • Noise and disturbances
  • Boundaries including hedges, fences & trees
  • Shared access or facilities
  • Children
  • Parking
  • Pets – noise & mess
  • Lack of maintenance or scruffy exterior
  • Unoccupied properties i.e. damp

Just don’t threaten to blow somebody’s pet up as per this case covered by the Cambrian news!

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Neighbour Disputes