Access Rights & Childcare Arrangements – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

What are your Access Rights and are they impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic?

Probably the most emotive areas of divorce and separation, are the access rights and childcare arrangements following a relationship breakdown. For some parents, existing issues with co-parenting and access already existed prior to the outbreak. Where there have been fears and concerns; these have simply been heightened by the current situation. Even those with amicable arrangements have faced additional stress and pressure.

The UK Government confirmed that parents should continue to meet their co-parenting obligations and allow children to move, wherever possible, between the parental homes. However, this is not always straightforward e.g.:

  • Where there are distances involved.
  • There may be vulnerable individuals involved or someone is self-isolating.
  • There may be a greater risk of infection i.e. frontline workers.

The media has highlighted cases where they refer to the ‘weaponisation’ of the coronavirus. This is where one parent refuses to allow the children to visit the other because of the pandemic.

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