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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation in its simplest form deals with legal disputes between two or more parties.

We specialise in?

If you don’t see what you’re looking for here please give us a call, the chances are we’ll be able to help.

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Why should I use your legal experts?

Our solicitors specialise in successfully dealing with a variety of disputes and issues from initial advice through to representation in court.

Michael Bower heads up the litigation team who have over 50 years experience between them.

Of course, everyone hopes that disputes can be resolved amicably and whilst we appreciate that no-one really wants to involve a solicitor the simple fact of the matter is that not obtaining the right guidance early on can be false economy.

The expertise and advice our firm offers can:

  • simplify and shorten the legal process,
  • provide you with a realistic assessment of your situation,
  • potentially avoid the need for formal court proceedings, and
  • provide you with the comfort of knowing that all the legal issues will be managed professionally.

To help make things a little easier we offer:

  • Out of hours contact numbers
  • Home visits
  • Out of hours appointments
  • Off street parking
  • Disabled parking and facilities

Who will I be dealing with?litigationFamily Law

Michael Bower litigation Rebecca Garrity litigation Mark hagyard Family Law Lisa Wood Family Law
Family Law
Michael Bower Rebecca Garrity Mark Hagyard Lisa Wood
Family Law
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Personal Injury
Personal Injury


How much will it cost?

We promise to be up front about our costs and we will also discuss what payment methods are available. We understand that the costs for legal services can be a real worry for clients so click on Legal Fees to find out more.

Contact us now on Free phone: 0800 0272 005 or 01535 662644 for your free initial consultation.