Will Disputes – litigation increases in relation to inheritance

An increasing number of individuals and families are seeking legal advice in relation to their inheritance. Will Disputes are definitely on the increase.

High profile will disputes

A number of high profile cases have also highlighted the issues. Family members are often surprised and bewildered by late changes to wills.


In some cases charities or other individuals benefit from the will rather than them. In these cases:

  • They are often concerned about undue pressure and influence that may have come to bear on a loved one in the latter stages of their life.
  • Sometimes there are concerns raised about the mental state and capacity of the loved one.

Changes to wills

In some cases there is a valid reason for the change. The article below about Elton John is a good example of this:



  1. We always recommend that anyone writing a will should let any beneficiaries know what their plans are. This can help to avoid potential disputes or issues in the future. This is particularly important in family situations.
  2. Use a professional. Home made or off the shelf wills often miss important requirements like independent witnesses or signatures.
  3. Choose your executors carefully.
  4. Make sure your loved ones or the executors know where to find your will.
  5. Always remember that not having a will can cause more problems and upset.

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