Halloween – Top Tips to avoid unnecessary Accidents

Most children (and lots of adults) enjoy dressing up during Halloween, so make sure you follow these safety tips for a happy, safe and enjoyable night.

Only Choose flame-resistant materials

It’s very likely that your child will be around candles and lanterns during Halloween. Ensure that you pick a costume with a label that says ‘flame-resistant’ and always look for a CE mark.

CE mark

Pick a Halloween costume that is made out of one material

Costumes made of several types of material react differently to fire and can sometimes fuel a fire. Picking one type of material should mean it burns more slowly.

Wear your own clothes underneath the costume

Due to the fact that dressing up costumes are classed as toys, they don’t go through the rigourous safety testing in the way that everyday clothes do. Having a layer of clothes underneath a costume gives them an extra layer of protection.

Ditch the capes!

Anything that trails or hangs is a fire hazard.

Choking hazards

Avoid wearing items around the neck.

Buy suitable face paints

Look for a CE mark and always check that the ingredients are in plain English. All face paints marketed at children must be FDA approved, so check the labels!

Burns and in severe cases , scarring can result from the purchase of counterfeit or fake products.

Accessories and props

Look for the CE mark and make sure that there aren’t any sharp edges to swords or wands.

Wearing masks

Check that the eye holes are big enough for your child to see through. Ask them to take them off when walking near or crossing a busy road. Always check for the CE mark.

Stay visible!

If your child is wearing a dark costume, ask them to wear a glow stick around their wrist or give them a flashing lantern or spooky torch.

If they are walking near busy roads, make sure they don’t shine torches in the face of drivers and direct them onto the ground only.

These boots were made for walking

Don’t let your little ones wear unsuitable footwear for going out. Most shoes that come with a costume are not suitable for walking around outside. Trips or a fall resulting in a grazed knee or elbow will most certainly put a dampner on their night. Ensure that they wear something robust, but comfortable.

Does it fit?

Buy, or make a costume that fits the person wearing it. Having something that is too long, flimsy, billowing or too big  can create a trip hazard or even more serious, catch on fire if it comes into contact with a flame.

Of course we don’t want to be party poopers. We say have fun, but use your common sense!

If the worse does happen, make sure you all know how to stop, drop and roll.