Residential Flood Searches – Why bother?

British weather and the increased risk of flooding

We have seen dramatic examples of how a flash flood and general flooding can impact communities over the last few years. The 2007 floods were considered to be the worse the country had seen but these were duplicated in 2013 & 2014 with the North West being hit again in December 2015 because of a succession of severe storms.

The recent flash flood in Coverack, Cornwall is just the latest example of the changing weather in the UK.

What is a Residential Flood Search?

As one in six homes in England and Wales are at some risk of flooding the search will include:

  • Surface water flood risk data
  • Groundwater flooding data
  • River and Coastal flood risk data
  • Flood Defences and Proposed Flood Defence Schemes
  • Recorded Flood Events
  • Flood risk insurability

Over half the population still fail to consider or research whether the property they are considering purchasing has flooded in the past or is at risk of doing so in the future.

The increasing risk of heavy rainfall, rising groundwater levels, river or tidal flooding caused by ‘unexpected’ weather events means that this search is becoming more and more important.

Our Property Team

Our property team will consider where you are looking to buy and the flood risk associated with the area. They will talk through all of the searches that need to completed and will be happy to talk through whether a Residential Flood Search is appropriate.

If you have any queries concerning the risk of flooding to a property you are looking to purchase then contact our property team on 01535 662644.