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Emma Leedham – Waddington Turner Wall (Appraisal of work) 

I would like to start this by stating that Emma Leedham has been brilliant with representing me and assisted me massively with my case to get a parenting plan in place for me to be able to see my daughter. 

Emma has advised me and given me (I feel) the best advice possible as I got the outcome I was looking for, for my case.  

Emma dealt with all the complicated legal details and translated them over to me, so I knew what was being spoken about. At times when I couldn’t, Emma would also chase up and retrieve any information for me and assist in making sure I had everything I needed.  

Emma helped me on multiple occasions by fighting my corner by corresponding with 3rd parties regarding me and my daughter and always making herself available at any time of day if I ever needed anything.  

I would recommend Emma to anyone who would be needing Legal advice when it comes to family law. She is very professional, always wanting to help you in any way, and most importantly helps you understand everything that’s going on.  

I would like to end this with a mention of Morrigane Tsolakis, who is being trained/mentored by Emma. Morrigane assisted me at the times when Emma was on annual leave, she also was very good with keeping me up to date with what was going on and chased up the courts for me when needed.  

I would like to say thank you to you both for your hard work, help, and guidance throughout this process. You achieved exactly what I was after which was a plan to be put in place without it going on forever and ever.  

I’m certain that you will both be continuing to be great assets to the Waddington Turner Wall Solicitors Team in the future.

Mr M 16.11.2022

Family Law