Keighley News Article – 27.01.1989

One of WTW’s clients kindly handed in a Keighley News article on Turner & Wall from 1989. It really is a bit of a blast from the past.

Keighley News Article – 27.01.1989

Published on 27.01.1989 it details the recruitment of four ‘young’ solicitors including our very own Michael Bower (Director, Solicitor, Litigator & Equine Law Specialist). Only looking a just little bit more youthful we might add!

Turner & Wall Solicitors

Included in the article is a little bit about the firm’s history:

“It’s a far cry from the late 1920’s when Wilfred Turner and Harry Wall set up as solicitors using a couple of rooms in Arcade Chambers (Keighley, West Yorkshire), then a multi-occupancy office block.”

“Although Mr Turner died in 1940 and Mr Wall in 1966, the original company name was retained and Turner and Wall has thrived.”

WTW Solicitors – Looking Ahead

Of course things have moved on a lot since 1989. the firm has moved premises and there have been a number of staff changes. Further positive changes are due:

  • With another move planned (to 6-12 Devonshire Street) in the very near future.
  • Ongoing recruitment.
  • Continuing investment in technology.

As has always been the case WTW provide solicitors and legal experts who specialise in certain areas of the law, and who want the best possible outcome for their client.